I have nothing but good things to say about Reset Day Spa and Gina Coffman as a long time co-worker, friend and esthetician / service provider.

Well of course I love the location; it’s 2 minutes from my home but not only that the District is a safe and very nicely appointed mall with sufficient parking and a great variety of shopping, eating and entertainment establishments.

Gina is a long time professional who exudes professionalism and luxury. It is very clear that Gina loves what she does and literally gets excited to treat, heal and improve her clients’ skin. Gina is very knowledgeable about skin type, conditions and products. She has put great effort into the planning of her workspace – it truly feels like a mini spa – so cozy, clean and zen. Gina has also spared no expense in the purchase of her equipment – she can perform a wide array of therapies that truly deliver incredibly immediate results!!!!!

What I love the most about having a Gina facial is how relaxed I feel – I trust her – she has an amazing touch and is very intuitive as well. I immediately feel like my skin is hydrated, plump, relaxed and the fine lines are diminished. I actually can’t wait for my next session!

~ Maryann Cerami

I would go to Reset just for Gina’s gentle and powerful touch, which easily, every time, puts me into a deeply relaxed state. But my skin results are also incredible! Even though I have extremely sensitive skin, she always knows how to safely nourish and hydrate it. No doubt these results are due to Gina’s diversified training and skills and her aptitude for intuitiveness, listening, and a real spirit of generosity. With a new comfy space, Gina has it all going on at Reset!

~ M. Alexander

June 2016 Hypnosis client says:

I’m happier and keep getting more and more.  Gina is my secret weapon.

What did you do to my skin?  It’s never looked so soft and the wrinkles are gone.

~ Mark, Newport Beach

My skin is looking the best it’s ever looked since I started my treatments with you here at your spa.

After the Microdermabrasion:  No Redness.  Feels Smooth!  And happy!

~ Courtney F

Good Morning! My skin was amazing.  It was the first time I felt confident enough to not have make up on my face.  My skin looked much more even toned.  The sunscreen was great as well.  Thanks so much!  I will let you know when I can make another appointment.

~ Alice M
(after a family poolside vacation)

Thank you, again, so very much for all you are—the professional, the compassionate, the kind, the receptive and expansive. I always enjoy being in your midst.

~ C. Heinz

You exude so much love and light Gina!

…A good word for you…‎as I mentioned, I had dinner with my mother last night. I didn’t tell her about my facial. When she saw me, she exclaimed: “What did you do to your face…you look radiant”! She even wanted to take a picture to send to my husband. Then I told her about my facial. That’s about as genuine a testimony as can be…don’t you think???? (Also, the red patch next to my nose was greatly diminished).

Thanks for the doctor’s information. Will let you know how it goes. In the meantime, sending you all good thoughts and gratitude,

~ Caroline

I had my first breakthrough session in June 2012.  An amazing experience.  I realized that I had such limiting beliefs in myself.  After several weeks I felt a massive change.  The change came from within me.  The bigger “me” that was inside this entire time.  The me that knew that I could achieve anything and create anything I wanted and deserved.  I asked Ms. Coffman if I could come back for hypnosis work with her on my subconscious mind on a regular basis.  We began our journey and continue it today.

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Coffman… I did not have a deep understanding of how the subconscious worked. I allowed my external world to effect my internal world.  Within a short period of time, the “things” that I acquired started to dwindle.  I gained weight, I lost clients, I lost my girlfriend…Here was this guy who was “making it happen” now chubby, low energy and 100% insecure.  I was so insecure of myself and lack of mojo that I would dread even getting in the elevator with other   business people.  And then I met Ms. Coffman.

Let me describe my results:  I bought a 120K car, I am in great shape now, my confidence has gone through the roof.  I won a 10 Million dollar piece of business, hired many new people, I won 7 new clients, I travel, I have been featured in business articles and on and on.  The most amazing part of all this is that I put in the effort, but I am working less (a lot smarter).  Clients come to me.  I don’t have to hire a business development person or cold call.  I am “moving and shaking.”  I feel amazing all the time.  Everything changed in my life when I met Ms. Coffman and started my regular hypnosis sessions.

~ Mr. F

Ms. Coffman worked on my goals and like clock work, they are all coming to fruition.  I have recommended people from all walks of life that have various goals—love, money, spirituality.  Every one of them has transformed their lives.  If you are looking for results and a deeper sense of “you” you need to experience her.

~ Andre